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Welcome to my site! I'm an Irish writer of fiction for adults, especially women. I've also written many books for young people. Find out all about me, my writing and my teaching by clicking on the links in the menu at the top of this page.

Here's a sneak preview of my new children's book, First Term at Fernside! 


‘A riotously funny novel, with hints of Noel Coward and P.G. Woodhouse…In beautifully authentic language true to its time and setting, along with mischief and irony, this is a gem. Kate Atkinson fans will love it.’
Anne Cunningham, The Irish Independent 

‘I absolutely adored this. It’s an intelligent and nostalgic read, with depth and surprising plot twists.’
Sue Leonard, The Irish Examiner

‘Mrs Hart’s Marriage Bureau has been dubbed a ‘witty romantic comedy’ but it’s smart too. Sheena’s characters do not suffer fools.’
Aine Toner, The Belfast Telegraph

‘I loved this book! It’s alive with the hopes and dreams and heartaches of women in a 1930s Northern town, and its twists and turns are a constant delight.’
S.J. Bennett, author of the bestselling ‘The Queen Investigates’ series

‘I found it impossible to put down. The writing and story so compelling. I thought the ending was absolutely perfect.’
Emma Pass, author of RNA-award-shortlisted Before the Dawn

‘I couldn’t stop reading! It’s a really satisfying feel-good story, with very real characters that you are rooting for all the way through.’
Keren David, author of What We’re Scared Of

‘Charming, unexpected, and a really great sense of time and place.’
Emily Hourican, author of The Glorious Guinness Girls

‘The characters are engaging and intriguing. Serious issues are addressed with the lightest of touches, and the ending is perfection.’
Rachel Ward, author of the bestselling The Supermarket Mysteries

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